Our Planet's Biggest Problem

Environmental Terrorism! The biggest problem and a serious threat to our security, is the way we treat the planet - an absolute and uncontrolled ravaging of the planet.

Millions of years before we even existed there were huge amounts of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere. These eventually settled and were absorbed by the earth. Vast amounts of Carbon dioxide and Methane are trapped in the frozen north – the permafrost. Frozen Methane reservoirs have been found by scientists. Scientists call this a 'carbon time bomb’. What could trigger the ‘time bomb’? Our actions! Scientists have confirmed that humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions, if not controlled, can trigger ‘the bomb’. You see, it’s a vicious cycle – burn fossil fuels – release more greenhouse gases – warm the air – thaw the permafrost – release more greenhouse gases – which lead to more warming – more thawing – till it’s irreversible.

Be it land, air or sea we seem to have an insatiable hunger for “things” – most of which we don’t even need. But, nevertheless, we are ready to risk our very own existence just to get something which is a convenience. In the end, if we don’t change now, earth (though severely damaged) might still be there. We will not!

You must have already heard over and over again that the glaciers are melting very rapidly. When you hear about efforts that are going on for saving the polar bear and its habitat, it's not that we're just trying to save an animal that most of us have seen only in pictures, but it’s an effort to save ourselves. If we can slow the melting of the frozen tundras, it would be a sign that we’ve managed to control the "global warming beast". Bottomline is that we are trying to save the human race. But, humanity does not exist in isolation. We are part of a delicate global eco system. We have to co-exist with other creatures even if it is for a very selfish reason – our existence. The reason is big enough for us to make changes in the way we treat this planet.

It is also said that by identifying the Problem and knowing what Causes it you’ve won nearly half the battle. Can we WIN this battle? Can we get rid of "environmental terrorism"? Can we reduce the diet of the beast? Do we have a Solution?

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