About WeGreen USA

Who are we?

WeGreen USA is a non-profit community action group helping individuals and communities take action in reducing our carbon footprint, greenhouse gases and environmental pollution. Ours is the collective strength of individuals fighting together for the same cause and thus making a huge positive difference in the way we all live. We work together to make our communities more energy efficient and sustainable. Of course, it all starts with each one of us, but when we work together, our strengths multiply and huge tasks become small. We pool our individual strengths and resources - and soon, change is in the environment, literally!

Our Beliefs

We firmly believe that community action can make the responsible use of energy, both in terms of quantity and source, an enduring culture. Also, the impact of community action can turn the tide of environmental degradation into a sustainable and harmonious eco-balance.

Our Actions

We think globally but act locally. Our action priorities are grassroots upwards. No action is ruled out, but the predominant emphasis is on community action. WeGreen USA helps you take action wherever you live – in your home, office and in your neighborhood.

Our programs begin with a dictum “Conserve Before You Convert.” Meaning, for example, if you try to fill a water bucket full of holes it will be a waste of time, resources, energy and money. Similarly, if your house/office has energy leaks it is wasting energy and money and will pollute the environment. We first help you identify those leaks and close them – thereby, saving you resources and helping our environment. Then you can convert to alternative energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal.

Currently, we are working towards making Maryland Energy efficient. Governor O’Malley has set a goal to reduce per-capita electricity usage 15% by 2015. WeGreen USA is helping the state achieve that target by promoting the use of energy-efficient practices.

Join Us

WeGreen USA volunteers are already helping some communities become green. We are looking for more people to join us so that we can together green your neighborhood too. We need your help!

Together We(will)Green USA!